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nano analytik GmbH launched novel AFMinSEM

nano analytik GmbH has recently developed and installed a compact AFMinSEM (Atomic Force Microscope in Scanning Electron Microscope) with its self-actuated self-sensing cantilevers, offering six degrees of freedom for probe positioning and scanning. AFMinSEM has also been equipped with a user navigation software for probe positioning in the field of 20mm x 20mm. The compact and modular AFMinSEM set-up enables probe- as well as sample-scanning and uses high-vacuum compatible nano analytik GmbH AFM cantilevers. The top-probe-scanner allows positioning the cantilever in a space of 20mm x 20mm x 10mm with a precision of 1nm. The sample-scanner is used for metrology purposes securing 0.2nm resolution in x-, and y-axes and 0.1nm in z-axes. Simultaneous control imaging software was developed to merge SEM and AFM information for mixed imaging of nanoscale objects. The AFM-unit can be used with the same performance in vacuum and air and the installation/reinstallation into the SEM chamber takes no more than 10 minutes. The cantilever replacement takes less than 10 seconds. Combined AFM and SEM capabilities provide a view of sample topography due to a large number of hybrid imaging and sub-10nm measurement techniques.

nano analytik GmbH at the SPIE Conference

At the SPIE Conference on "Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control for Microlithography" XXIX, 94240P, (March 19, 2015) nano analytik GmbH presented a paper on high-speed AFM-tool for metrology.

A significant improvement in performance of such cantilevers with respect to deflection sensitivity (atomic resolution) and temperature stability (zero thermal drift) has been achieved by using an integrated Wheatstone bridge configuration. Due to the employment of effective cross-talk isolation and temperature-drift compensation, the performance of these cantilevers was significantly improved. In order to enhance the speed of AFM measurements we are presenting a fast cantilever-approach technology, Q-factor-control and novel adaptive scanning speed procedure. Examples of AFM measurements with high scanning speed (up to 200 lines/s) committed to advanced lithography process development have been demonstrated.


4th Euro AFM Forum at Georg-August Universität Göttingen

Euro AFM Forum - Oxford Instruments, Asylum Research Announces the 4th Euro AFM Forum at Georg-August Universität Göttingen, March 17-19, 2014. In cooperation with TU Ilmenau, nano analytik GmbH presented new results in the field of "High frequency and low stiffness cantilevers for high-speed AFM applications" during the 4th Euro AFM Forum at the Georg-August Universität Göttingen.


DOI: 10.1117/12.2085760

 FEBIP2014 at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt

The 5th workshop on Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing FEBIP2014 to be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from July 22nd to 24th 2014. FEBIP 2014 - Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main. In cooperation with TU Ilmenau, nano analytik GmbH presented new results in the field of „Sensor for In-Situ Monitoring of Focused Electron- and Ion-Beam Induced Processes“ at the 5th FEBIP workshop at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt.


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nano analytik GmbH at NANOSCALE-2016 Conference

nano analytik GmbH demonstrated live at the NANOSCALE-2016 Conference (Wroclaw, Poland) recent developments in AFM Imaging with high-speed active cantilevers. Radically improved AFM efficiency and performance, user-friendliness, high measurement speed, sensitivity, and atomic resolution are simultaneously available without compromise for sample size.

The application of automatic estimation of imaging and regulation parameters is the key for easy AFM use. An innovative AFM-control algorithm and intuitive software are helping to achieve excellent imaging results almost immediately. During the NANOSCALE Conference, nano analytik GmbH demonstrated how their self-actuated, piezoresistive cantilevers make AFM-imaging faster, leading to a greatly improved productivity.

A particular focus has been placed on compact-AFM in Vacuum issues requiring outstanding spatial resolution, fast data acquisition, and extraordinary signal sensitivity of amplitude, phase, and frequency detection in combination with automated and intuitive CD-measurement procedures. The six-axes AFM-cantilever positioning concept is needed for a fast localization of the "area of interest" position, where the AFM analysis has to take place. nano analytik GmbH presented high-speed AFMinSEM offering unique capabilities and flexibility for easy operation in vacuum and air (more:

According to Mathias Holz, Business Development Manager of nano analytik GmbH, “Reducing active-cantilever dimension by more than five times was only possible by keeping similar performance characteristics of optical-cantilevers. It makes this SPM active-sensor not only extremely “easy to use”, but also enables an ideal fit for customers who are looking for designing next generation scanning probe equipment that can effectively deal with atomic resolution, very high imaging speed and measurement throughput.”

nano analytik GmbH at Sensor+Test 2016 - The Measurement Fair

At the Sensor+Test conference in Nürnberg, nano analytik GmbH presented the results of new scientific application of the AFMinSEM. Merging two state-of-the-art surface research techniques, in particular AFM and SEM, within a single system is providing novel capabilities like direct visual feedback and life-monitoring of tip-induced nanoscale interactions. Here, the concept and new results of a novel fast AFM-integration into a high resolution SEM/FIB system for nanoscale characterization was presented. In this context, a six-axis AFM system, using self-sensing thermomechanically transduced active cantilever, has being integrated. The design of the developed AFM-integration was described and its performance was demonstrated. Unique results from combined examinations applying fast AFM-methods and SEM-image fusion, AFM-SEM combined metrology verification and 3D-visualization have been presented. Simultaneous operation of SEM, FIB, EBID and AFM provides a fast and nanometer exact navigation combined with sub-nm topographic AFM image acquisition. Metrology application scenarios of combined studies on example of MoS2 and diverse metrological test structures have been discussed.

Link: Sensor+Test 2016

nano analytik GmbH new product video: AFMinSEM launched

The new nano analytik GmbH video of the recent product launch of the AFMinSEM has been published. The new AFMinSEM microscope for atomic level imaging in SEM and its unique functions, integrated technologies and continuous flexibility for use in vacuum and air are presented.

See the video here:

Recent developments at nano analytik GmbH in the active cantilever AFM microscopy

The new Active Cantilever AFM belongs to the next generation atomic force microscopes. The German nanotechnology company nano analytik GmbH has presented the new AFMinSEM at the 60th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication, which took place in Pittsburgh, PA. High-speed atomic force microscopy in vacuum enables fast visualization of nano-scale processes and opens up possibilities for novel scientific discoveries. An increase in imaging throughput enables the application of this instrument for quality control tasks in the semiconductor industry. The tool includes exceptional modularity that allows simultaneous use of SEM, FIB, EBID and AFM techniques as well as correlative imaging configurations. Sophisticated metrological analysis software and high-performance digital control maintain the AFMinSEM position at the worldwide market’s leading edge. “The tool was specifically engineered to fit to almost all SEMs and FIB systems and is addressed to budget-conscious users with high expectations on instrument performance.” says Mathias Holz, CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing at nano analytik GmbH.

Link: EIPBN 2016

nano analytik GmbH presents ultimate active cantilever based AFM microscopy at the nanoFIS 2016  

The most recent trend of technical innovation is the latest active cantilever technology developed at nano analytik GmbH, guaranteeing an extremely high AFM imaging productivity. This unique technique was presented at the International Conference on "nanoFIS 2016 - Functional Integrated nano Systems" 27th to 29th June 2016 in Graz, Austria. The new active-cantilever has made the AFM more flexible, more sensitive and as predicted by Mathias Holz, CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing at nano analytik GmbH, quicker than ever. The nano analytik GmbH new ultra-small, self-sensing and self-actuated cantilever series provide an optimised sensitivity and throughput capability for high-end industrial applications.

Link: nanoFIS 2016

nano analytik GmbH presents the new AFMinSEM at the 38th Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis 2016  

Nano analytik GmbH has presented the new AFMinSEM for vacuum and single ion implantation use at the 38th Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis, which took place in Albany, NY, USA. An increase in imaging resolution and measurement throughput enables the application of this instrument for quality control tasks in the semiconductor industry , as "SEM extended workbench". The AFMinSEM includes exceptional modularity that allows simultaneous use of SEM, FIB, EBID and AFM techniques as well as correlative imaging configurations. Sophisticated metrological analysis software and high-performance digital control maintain the AFMinSEM position at the worldwide market's leading edge. The AFMinSEM software itself also offers flexibility, which is one of the reasons why the industry customer uses it. Based on the exceptional flexibility of the AFMinSEM tools and recent ground-breaking insights function, we postulate that this tool has the potential to cover all advanced capabilities of the combination of SEM and AFM technologies.

Link: 38th Symposium on Applied Surface Analysis

Award winning AFMinSEM for single ion implantation was presented during the price ceremony in Weimar  

nano analytik GmbH is proud to announce that the single ion implanter took a 2nd place in a German innovation award (

The award is the most highly endowed innovation price in Germany and is organized by the STIFT. nano analytik GmbH started in the category public award and collected more than 900 votes among the academic and industrial society. nano analytik GmbH has become recognition as high-tech instruments supplier for engineers, material scientists and other users of the failure analysis community exploring the latest research and tools available to facilitate their work.

Link: AFMinSEM for single ion implantation